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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  May 21, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> it afternoon, everyone. a baltimore man is being treated at johns hopkins burn center after being pulled from a burning home. city fire crews tell us that the fire started at about 3:00. the crews discovered the man trapped inside shortly after they arrived. >> the first arriving units on
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the scene, we had a fire showing. they went in, came back, found him inside and brought him out until the paramedics arrived. >> the victim suffered burns to various parts of his body and is in serious condition. crews got the fire under control quickly and are trying to determine what started it. police are investigating a possible arson. someone might have thrown a molotov cocktail inside of an east baltimore building. the crews responded early sunday morning where the fire or the building caught fire. one person was injured and rushed to johns hopkins but is expected to be ok. police have no suspects at this time. a baltimore city police officer is recovering after a shooting. police were called to the site at about 5:30 about a possibly
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troubled man. the man attacked an officer and reached for his gun. the officer fell through a glass table. that is when another officer shot and killed the suspect. another baltimore city police officer is recovering from injuries after being involved in a collision. the crash happened just before 2:00. no word on who is to blame or whether any charges will be filed. >> after such a beautiful weather this weekend, it looks like the work week is taking a turn for the worse. we have seen on and off showers through the metro area. these are moving up to the north and west. this could continue to put some
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moisture into the day and through the night. 66 degrees, the wind out of the east, 10 miles per hour. we will stay pretty stamp through the afternoon. we have some thunderstorms in a few spots. we are having a part-time warming up today but we should be slightly warmer into next week. >> three people are in a hospital following a boating accident in the chesapeake bay. baltimore county teamed up with natural resources police to help to pull the three passengers to safety. this was around 9:45. no word on the current conditions. month after her son's death, the mother of trayvon martin came to baltimore to thank everyone who
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spoke their -- to offer their support. she spoke during the churches women's day. the 17-year-old was reportedly are unarmed when george zimmerman shot him back in february. she said that love, prayer, and the hope of strangers got her through. >> i have family, i have friends, people that support me like you. >> new evidence was released in the case, including 911 recordings. it is inconclusive whether they heard a sermon or martin yelling for help. -- whether they heard zimmerman or martin yelling for help. a baltimore-based organization called marriage equality itself a ride.
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the naacp opposes any attempt to codify discrimination into the law. this comes after the president's decision to publicly support same-sex marriage. same-sex couples must wait until january to legally get married. a recent a vote will allow them to get divorced in maryland. the court of appeals voted unanimously on friday. this should be treated by maryland courts. barack obama and other world leaders will wrapup the nato summit. the priority will be the war in afghanistan. >> in nato is set to declare the next age of transition in afghanistan which includes turning over the combat lead. world leaders are working on a timeline to transition security from nato to afghan forces.
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the challenge is to implement it effectively. >> there will be challenges ahead. the loss of life continues in afghanistan. there will be hard days ahead. >> the u.s.-backed strategy will be formally endorsed at the nato summit. >> there will be no rush for the exits, we will stay committed,. >> this follows france's decision to withdraw its troops early. negotiations are set to start on how to support afghan forces after the deadline. the president expects a decade of transformation in afghanistan at a cost of more than $4 billion a year. "we're here to protest against the wars in afghanistan. >> in a sign of tensions, protesters clashed with police blocks from where the ants --
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from where the world leaders are meeting. >> one officer was stabbed in the leg. >> several other issues will also be discussed before the summit ends today including international security matters. in >> the fate of the former presidential candidate john edwards remains in the hands of the jury. deliberations continued whether he broke campaign finance laws. jurors net for about five hours and made several requests for specific evidence. edwards faces campaign finance violations. if convicted, he could face up to 30 years in prison. still ahead, hoping to fly to your summer vacation? get ready to pay more for your trip. how much more and at the best day to book if you are looking
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for a discount. should girls that they lacrosse wear helmets? some experts say yes. -- the girls that play lacrosse wear helmets?
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>> more and more information is coming out about concussions. women's's lacrosse is being looked at for the use of headgear. people are wondering why the men use helmets and not the women. >> when you mention head gear and women's lacrosse, to spark an instant debate between those who want to keep the sport of pure, and medical professionals who say that it is a no-brainer. women who play lacrosse should be wearing helmets. last year, during a tournament, this 18-year-old took a hit to the head. >> i was going for a ground ball and one girl and not my helmet off, the other hit me across the temple. -- one girl knocked my helmet off, the other hit me across the
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temple. i kept playing. when i got home, something was not right. >> she had a concussion. there is an increasing number four girls playing lacrosse. it required them to wear head gear. >> we had nine total. >> we will talk to players and coaches about their decision to wear head gear. and, we will explore the debate over whether women and young girls should be wearing helmets on the lacrosse field. >> still ahead, good news for drivers. how far the price of gas has fallen in maryland. a disturbing new trend regarding ideally -- regarding diabetes and teenagers. the signs that your child should be checked out. >> a case of the monday's across the east coast with all of this rainy weather. we will talk about what is causing it, how long it will
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last. right now, a rainy picture.
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>> in consumer alert, good news for drivers. gas prices are dropping. their price has dropped 19 cents for a regular telecasts. -- for a gallon of regular gas. a family of four should expect to pay about $100 more for air fare to hot spots like orlando
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or l.a. the average price runs between $338 to $363. you should be flexible on dates. wherever it is the vacation plans take you or if you are just walking around the inner harbor, annapolis, our washington, d.c., you'll want detector money or credit cards. the best way to do that to be to think like a thief. -- you will want to protect your money or credit cards. >> pickpockets are everywhere tourists are and this man should know. he calls himself a pickpocket artists. he travels the world watching pickpockets and studying their techniques. >> never leave side of your bag. >> as a stage artist, he says the principle is simple's >> pickpocketing is about distraction. get the victim to be having
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their guard down 11 -- one way or the other. >> had it as high into the armpit as possible. if you have a strap, put it across your body. they're not interested in the cash any longer, they simply want the credit cards. >> be aware in crowds, like on trains. >> it is not being paranoid, it is simply reducing the options for the thief. >> now, your 11 insta-weather forecast. >> good afternoon. we are giving new a video of the solar eclipse which happened earlier. it was not visible from the east. this is video from nevada. what an interesting site to look at. had to look at it through
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special lenses. it is good that we got to see a glimpse of it. -- you had to look at it through special lenses. most of the rain is sitting offshore. meanwhile, over the baltimore metro area, we had on and off showers pushing on through. we had a very damp weather pattern and we get it to keep that even as we head through the afternoon. this is definitely affecting the temperatures. the clouds are holding us in the 60's. 68 at the inner harbor. 73 and saul's barry. any areas that get a little bit of sunshine might push into the mid 70's. -- 73 in salisbury. we are seeing a lot of cloud cover bringing temperatures down. the area of low pressure sitting over the mid atlantic.
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this is being helped by a tropical system down to the south. we will not be affected by alberto but it is funneling at the moisture up even into maryland. it is swinging into the gulf of mexico and pushing it into this area. a cold front moves our way. right now, it is moving over the ohio river valley. this is helping to steer alberto. the very first storm of the atlantic season, it normally begins after june 1st. that is when we normally see the storms develop. not much to write home about. this is definitely week in nature. there is very subtle circulation off of the coast of florida. alberto is still a tropical storm with winds sustained at 40 miles per hour. it is moving east right now. it will pick up speed. we are not expecting any impact
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on the land other than bringing more wet weather then we would normally see. it moves all the way out to sea. for the forecast, showers likely, even thunder possible. temperatures will be into the 60's downtown. the seven-day forecast shows we have a chance for showers for the next couple of days. near 80 degrees, wednesday, thursday. we will see the sun returning on friday. alert,oday's medical nearly one in four u.s. teams have diabetes or will soon if they are unable to get their blood sugar and the control. -- nearly one in four u.s. teenagers has diabetes. >> the risk has risen dramatically over the past decade. >> it is very concerning. >> this dr led a study of more than 3000 teenagers.
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she and her colleagues found the prevalence increased from 9% in 1999 to 23% a decade later. more than half of overweight and obese teenagers had one other cardiovascular risk factors including high blood pressure and high cholesterol. wait should not be the only indicator. >> among those who had normal weight, a significant amount had at least one or more cardiovascular disease factor. >> the study found the prevalence of obesity hit a plateau. >> we think that might be why we have not seen an increase in the prevalence of pre hypertension and hypertension as well as high and borderline. >> adolescence is a time for parents and doctors to intervene and encourage healthy
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lifestyle. >> it seems tt trimming the risk of cancer can start a very early in life. researchers at the university of minnesota have found evidence that folic acid might reduce the risk of some rare childhood cancer. folic acid was shown to reduce the prevalence of neural tube defects by 1/3. more research is needed to demonstrate a cause and effect relationship between folic acid and childhood cancer rates. coming up next, your maryland lottery numbers turn to will get another check of the forecast. -- coming up next, your maryland lottery numbers. we will get anothe
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>> she is called the long island medium and she claims to have the ability to speak to the dead. dr. oz admits to being skeptical. >> this woman that we're having on today is a very ordinary woman from all external regards, which is a housewife from long island. she has had a remarkable falling because of her ability to see people in the afterlife. -- she has had a remarkable following.
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we need to see what is going on with this woman. >> dr. oz texas on an attorney with the long island medium today. -- takes us on a journey with the long island medium today. the naacp puts its support behind marriage equality. we're looking at one of the most extensive presidential campaigns on record, but where is that money going? tonight, we investigate. it turns out human sex trafficking is on the rise in maryland. state and federal leaders say it is time to crack down. those stories and more on 11 news at 5:00. >> good afternoon to you, maryland. let's have some fun. here is pick 3. 9-3-9.
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those are your pick 3 numbers. here is pick four. 4-8-7-6. the course a great weekend but not so great today. >> -- >> a great weekend but not so great today. >> we warm up the next weekend which were set for the holidays.
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>> thank you for a joint house. >> be sure to join us
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